Don’t hold your breath waiting for a COVID-19 vaccine

I wrote another letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune. They didn’t print my last one but hopefully they’ll print this one.

Did you know that there has never been a vaccine for ANY coronavirus? That’s right. SARS, MERS, or the illustrious Common Cold have never had a vaccine that worked in humans. Why do we suddenly think that a vaccine for COVID-19 will suddenly emerge in 18 months?

“The scientists say.” “Follow the science.” I’m so sick and tired of these phrases. Science is not exact and most of the time science is wrong. Science, if it’s good science, is never settled. The magical belief in a vaccine that is just around the corner is due to a poorly educated population that has been conditioned to cast aside their Constitutionally protected rights in favor of safety that doesn’t exist.

This lockdown is wrong and has to end. Now.

Here’s my letter to the editor:

Governor Pritzker’s 5 point plan that doesn’t allow a return to normalcy until a vaccine, treatment, or widespread immunity is sheer folly. There has never been a vaccine for humans for any coronavirus and from past coronaviruses it seems immunity may only last for months in humans. Waiting to re-open Illinois will result in catastrophic loss of life in a myriad of other ways due to economic collapse. Our state is already effectively bankrupt and now the Governor is asking its citizens go bankrupt as well.

Sweden is roughly the same size in population as Illinois. They have roughly the same number of infections and deaths. Yet, they never locked down their country, they never closed their schools, and business continued to operate. Sweden did the right thing by their citizens.
90% of Illinois’ COVID-19 infections and deaths exist in the Chicago metropolitan area. It makes absolutely no sense to subject the rest of the state to Pritzker’s draconian measures. At the very least the one size fits all policy for the entire state needs to end.

Here are links to articles backing up my opinion.