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What’s the daily death count for businesses?

Every day governors get in front of the camera to report their daily death count. Governor J.B. Pritzker is one that seems to love to get up and tell us Illinoians what we need to do. He seems to think that he is the daddy of us all and we need his protection. He extended his bullshit stay-at-home order to the end of May. THE END OF MAY!! Because he believes it’s the “right thing to do.”

When giving his report he should also report on businesses throughout the state that have died because of his draconian lockdown order.

MacMurray College survived the Civil War, the Great Depression and two world wars, but not the coronavirus pandemic. The private liberal-arts school in central Illinois announced recently it will shut its doors for good in May, after 174 years.

Like many small schools, it faced declining enrollment and financial shortfalls. To lure prospective students, it was using steep discounts to its $30,000 listed tuition. Then the global health crisis brought unexpected costs for shifting classes online and partially reimbursing room and board for students forced to finish out the spring term at home. The loss of a $3-million-plus bridge loan was the final straw.

The pandemic “squeezed out the last rays of hope,” said President Beverly Rodgers.

The Wall Street Journal

A lockdown that wasn’t necessary for anyone under the age of 65.