Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

I will not comply

In a race to see who can be the BEST at fighting COVID-19 the Village of Glenview just issued an executive order requiring people to wear masks in public spaces. I will not comply. This has gone far enough. If I’m refused service at any local business I simply will go somewhere else. I do not blame the business as they have to comply if they want to stay in business. But I don’t have to give my sales tax dollars to the village for their paranoid crazy behavior.

I pay a ton of money in property taxes to the Village of Glenview, Cook County, and the State of Illinois. I’ve watched them all borrow us into oblivion. Once this entire COVID-19 baloney is past I can’t wait to get the hell out of the state.

This virus has been in circulation for months. Most likely it’s been in circulation since last fall. THE VIRUS IS OUT THERE PEOPLE. You will not be able to stop its spread.

Here’s a link to the almighty Village President’s “Executive Order”