Kevin Bae

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Influenza vs. COVID-19 vs. Abortion

All information I’m citing is from the CDC’s web site.

# of Cases39,000,00085,356
# of Deaths24,0001,246623,471 (2016)

39 million vs. 85 thousand? 24,000 vs. 1,200? What the fuck are we doing to ourselves? We’re losing our shit over NOTHING.

Why are we all of a sudden concerned about people dying from COVID-19 and we’re not concerned, AT ALL, about people dying from the flu? How does this make any sense to anyone?

Both viruses are transmitted in a similar way. What is really behind the shutting down of the world over this?

I’m also curious as to why the massive concern over old life when we have such a cavalier attitude over new life? I’m not an anti-abortionist by any means. I understand the necessity for it in some cases. But, why are we so quick to treat fetuses like an infection that needs to be eradicated instead of treating them like the human beings they are.

If we must make sacrifices to “save lives,” as so many now claim, why is there no rush to save the life of unborn babies?