Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

Troops on the streets of the United States

Chicago Tribune

Take a good look at the picture above. Do we really want this? Why are National Guard troops walking around NYC with automatic weapons dangling from their chests? Do they plan on shooting the Coronavirus? What are the guns for?

Bringing in the National Guard to help out with the medical response or keeping supply chains flowing for food, medicine, and other supplies is fine. But walking around packing the big guns only says to me that they are there to control the public.

The Mayor of Chicago has already has issued a warning that she will start fining people and possibly arrest people if they don’t comply with the government dictate of “social distancing.” What does the government expect people to do when they can’t go to work? The city of Chicago has about 3 million people. It’s a dense city. How do you expect 3 million people with nothing to do to not go out and run into each other. I don’t think there is enough geographic space to have even 1/4 of those people out on the street at the mandated 6′ distance.

Furthermore, if most of the population is at low risk of not only getting the Coronavirus but also at low risk of dying from the Coronavirus, how can you demand that people cower in place? Perhaps if the government guidelines made more sense and advised the restriction of movement of those most at risk compliance would be much easier.

With the National Guard now deployed in many of our nation’s largest cities what is their actual role going to be? Until they are walking around sans automatic weapons I’m of the belief that they are there to suppress the public. They can’t shoot a virus but they can shoot a person.