Kevin Bae

Non-Social in a Socially Networked World

COVID-19 is a lesson in population and behavior control

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Wash your hands. Cough into your elbow. Buy a mask. Stock up on water and canned goods. Don’t travel. Don’t go to work. YOU WILL OBEY!!!!!

Look at the numbers. There are 7.6 billion people on Earth. Less than 100,000 are infected worldwide. That’s 0.0013% or 13 thousandths of a percent. It’s minuscule.

There are over 329 million people in the US. Less than 100 are confirmed to be infected. That’s 0.00003% or 3 millionths of a percent. Even more minuscule.

It’s reported that 84% of people infected do not get seriously ill. Why worry about something that will most likely not do anything more to you than make your feel like crap?

What else can this be other than the governments of the world experimenting with how easy it is to subdue the population?

Now there’s a conspiracy theory for you.