War on Ivermectin… Wikipedia is one of the battlefields

Wikipedia has always been a double edged sword. There is a lot of good information there but it always has to be taken with a grain of salt because anyone… and I mean anyone… can alter Wikipedia. This allows people with a political agenda to alter facts or claim things are facts when they are not. If you are not tuned to the turns of language or the subtle addition or subtraction of words you will be susceptible to the propaganda.

Witness what is happening surrounding Ivermectin.

Allow me to illustrate a case in point. Dr. Pierre Kory has served as the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at a University Medical Center. This fact is accurately reported on his Wikipedia page. In addition, he published a book on Ultrasound and won a British Award for this. Again, this is also accurately portrayed on his page.

He testified at the US Senate about Ivermectin, and this is where the incorrect information gets written. The Wikipedia page reports, “During his (Pierre Kory’s) testimony in December 2020, Kory erroneously claimed that the antiparasitic medication ivermectin was a ‘wonder drug’ with ‘miraculous effectiveness’ against COVID-19.”

In support, Wikipedia cites an AP Fact Check article by a journalist, Ms. Beatrice Dupuy, who is not a medical professional to my knowledge. She has never served as a medical director of Critical Care or Pulmonary Medicine. I believe she has written for StarTribune and TeenVogue Magazine in the past.

However, she is somehow sufficiently competent to call Dr. Kory’s testimony “false.”

The Desert Review

There is also a “senior editor” of Wikipedia who seems to be singularly charged with defending vaccines and altering any positive information about the drug Ivermectin.

Wikipedia reports that there are 41 million editor accounts, and some 127,566 are actively editing. Considering this, it is interesting that ASOP is the very same editor who reverted my edit on Pierre Kory and the same editor who recently edited the Ivermectin Wikipedia page. Wow! What are the chances? 

I was curious. I checked his other editing activity, which is displayed on Wikipedia. 

It turns out that he is also the same editor who manages the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Wiki page, and he is also the very same British retired computer scientist who edits the Big Pharma conspiracy theory Wiki page. He also edits the Spike Protein Wiki page.

The Desert Review

Be skeptical of everything you read and hear. Except for what you find on my blog. Obviously I’m never wrong.