Huh… Doctors and scientists are human?

This story in the Atlanta Journal about epilepsy patients being enrolled in drug trials without their consent revealed that doctors and researchers are in fact humans with human foibles. Huh… go figure. I thought they were immune to bias and always “followed the science.”

Hospitals and doctors used feelings and prejudices regarding which drugs? You mean to say they played favorites perhaps over clinical experience?

Researchers and scientists didn’t have patients health in mind and instead were more concerned with their research? What?!? You must be kidding. I can’t believe it because I’ve been told all these people are heroes and do things out of altruism.

For example, the researchers who did the epilepsy drug study said, doctors in different hospitals often had feelings or prejudices about one of the three drugs that didn’t really have a basis in fact. The study put those to rest.

Critics of EFIC say abuses against patients have piled up under it, because the leaders involved in designing, approving and publishing studies are also usually researchers and people sympathetic to researchers. Their mindset inevitably tips over from care from the individual patients in the study to the public gains that might be made, said George Annas, director of the Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights at Boston University.

So… now that we know they’re human does any of that translate to COVID-19 mania??