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Stop recycling your plastic and save the Earth!
If the world fully converted to nonbiodegradable bioplastics starting in 2020, the carbon sequestered over the next 30 years could amount to more than 10 gigatons—which would be a good start.” — Single use plastics as a carbon sink. Huh… that’s thinking outside the plastic box.

Federal Reserve keeps printing cash
The Federal Reserve added $90.8 billion in short-term money to financial markets Tuesday.” — They’ve been printing cash since September 2019. How can this be good?

Four years a home does not make a house
According to a civil lawsuit Kroon recently filed in King County Superior Court, the 2016 letter was “the first time the City had notified… the Kroon family that Fire Station 38 was not – as the City had represented – a residential dwelling.” — The wisdom of government never ceases to amaze.