What’s happening in Hong Kong is simply amazing

This could never happen in the United States. Hong Kong had an estimated 1.7 million people out marching in the streets… PEACEFULLY. If this took place anywhere in the states I doubt that it could go off in such a manner. There are too many trouble makers here, on both sides of every issue, and some will pose as a protester just to have a license to riot.

Sunday’s action, billed as a return to the peaceful origins of the leaderless protest movement, drew more than 1.7 million people, making it one of the largest rallies since the protests began about three months ago, according to organisers the Civil Human Rights Front.
It ended a weekend of protests that, as of early Monday, saw no major confrontations with police for the first time in weeks.

Yahoo! News

Again, this amazes me and I have a new respect for the people of Hong Kong.