I think Twitter has tweeted itself out… at least for me.

I joined Twitter back in May of 2007 under the handle @kevinb66. One year later I created the handle @kevinbae and used that handle regularly so I could have my name before some other Kevin Bae took it. This was back when news on technology was just starting to go mainstream and all the tech columnists and pundits that I would read or listen to joined. It was a great way to get the latest on all the tech things they were covering. A nice one stop shop.

Over the years, though, either the columnists and pundits moved on to other careers, stopped using the service, or started tweeting things I just didn’t care about. So, slowly, one by one I stopped following them until last week I reached the all time low of following one single tech columnist and therefore effectively stopped using Twitter.

Twitter, and most other social networking sites, have become useless echo  chambers. People are retweeting and discussing the same tweets and bullshit. There is nothing interesting out there anymore. The technology writers of today lack a certain depth of knowledge that makes their writing shallow and pretty uninformed. I don’t want to read the opinions of anyone who can’t see technology that existed prior to their birth. Home computers have been around since the late 1970’s and didn’t start with the launch of the iPhone.

The irony about this blog post is that it will get tweeted out to all my 48 followers (less my own few dormant accounts that follow me). It’s like whispering next to the speaker stacks at an AC/DC concert. No one will hear and no one cares and the rest of the crowd is distracted by the flashing lights and the loud music anyway.