Google Search is broken and now near useless.

Like everyone else I use Google for searching the web. Google, as a search tool for the Web, has been getting worse and worse over the years but most recently when I use it I find the search results near useless. It’s my theory that AdWords, Google’s advertising platform, is largely to blame.

Most of the time I’m searching for information on a subject. Take the search term, “inexpensive limited ingredient dog food“. Companies that purchased the keywords in this search want to sell me dog food. But, really what I’m interested is information about this type of food and not how to buy it.

The first search results page is littered with sites that are not really sites I find reputable for information or for purchasing and even a few pages into the search I still can’t find information from what I would consider to be an authoritative independent source.

It’s like this for almost everything I search for now.

I’ll use myself for the ultimate proof of how search is broken. Take my web site’s domain name, It has my freaking name in it. If you search for me, “kevin bae”, my domain name should be on the first page of results regardless of how popular (or unpopular) my site is to the general public. It should be assumed that if someone is searching for someone with my name that perhaps a web site with a TLD of kevinbae would be a good place to start.

You can’t find anything about me until the second page of search results where they list my twitter account and on the third page where there is an entry that has to do with my work. But still nothing for until the fourth results page. Ridiculous.

Try the same search for, “kevin bae“, on Microsoft’s and bam! There I am at the very top of the search results. Perhaps I need to move on over to using Bing for all my searching needs.

What further complicates search on Google is that they are trying to customize your searches. If you’re logged into your Google account while making a Google search everything you’ve ever done while logged into your Google account gets used to try to make Google search smarter. But, it’s not getting smarter it’s getting dumber and more useless by the day.

Bing it baby!