Everyone is a victim. Some Asians say Crazy Rich Asians isn’t Asian enough.

Everyone is a victim. Some Asians say Crazy Rich Asians isn’t Asian enough. This continues to crack me up. While American Asians are all gaga over a movie with all Asians the other Asians in Asia (I’m trying to use the word Asian as many times as possible so I can have a blog post that is mostly Asian) are saying that the movie smacks of “Chinese privilege” and that brown Asians (the oppressed Asians) are being represented in a racist way.

“Part of the way that this movie is being sold to everyone is as this big win for diversity, as this representative juggernaut, as this great Asian hope,” said Sangeetha Thanapal, a Singaporean Indian writer and activist who is researching a doctoral dissertation on the concept of Chinese privilege in Singapore.

“I think that’s really problematic because if you’re going to sell yourself as that, then you bloody better actually have actual representation” of Singaporean minorities, she said.

And these judgments by Asians in Asia are being made before they’ve even seen the film. They are pre- judging based on the movie’s trailer.

“Mind you, I’m happy that there are non-East Asian actors involved in major roles,” said Ng Yi-Sheng, an author and gay rights activist whose debut poetry collection won the 2008 Singapore Literature Prize.

“But judging from the trailers, the browner Asian characters are predominantly guards and domestic workers and drivers,” Mr. Ng said in an email. “That’s kind of oppressive, don’t you think?”

When will the day come when we finally move past all this crap? Hopefully as ethnicities integrate more and more across the globe that we will realize that we need to treat people as people. There really are no races. Discrimination is human nature. We all do it and not all discrimination has malice.

At the very least watch the damn movie before criticizing it’s content. Damn it! My last two paragraphs didn’t use the word Asian at all until this very sentence. Maybe I was unable to attain my goal because I’m only half Asian. If I was full Asian I would have tried much harder. It’s a constant internal battle I have. My Asian side is in constant war with my non Asian side.

From the New York Times