What’s the deal with Android and the Nexus 5X?

What’s the deal with Android and the Nexus 5X? I was using this phone almost since it was released to the public and it was a good phone… for about a year. After that the phone got bogged down like a Windows XP machine that hasn’t been rebooted in 2 years. This happened to me with the Moto X and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

First there would be random crashes of apps as well as Android itself. Then, while trying to use the camera app it would crash or lag or lag then crash. But, the most frustrating thing over the last 6 months was the disappearing picture problem and this problem only occurred on the Nexus 5X. I never encountered this on any previous phone.

What’s the disappearing picture problem you say? It’s when you take a picture, see the preview in the little gallery icon in the lower right of the screen, close the camera app and go on about your life. You open the photos app later to look at your photo and it’s not there. So you open the camera app and you can see the photo you  took in the little gallery icon and then **poof** it disappears. Gone forever.

There must be some God awful memory management happening in Android for this to happen. In my mind, what is happening is that the picture is taken, loaded into RAM, but for some reason never makes it onto permanent storage in the phone.

Things got so bad with my Nexus 5X that I briefly flirted with the HTC U11 (which I didn’t like at all and promptly returned) and ended up buying a Pixel. Originally when the Pixel came out I refused to buy it because it was too expensive and kind of homely. But, if I want a good smartphone without getting trapped by Apple the Google phones are the only choice. The pure Android OS is still the best for me… for about a year per phone. Then it all goes to shit.

Why?!? Google fix this fucking OS please!

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