The Republican Party is all show and no go.

The Republican party is all show and no go. What a disappointing first 6 months with President Trump in office. These knuckle heads kept passing Obamacare repeal bills while President Obama was still in office. They did so knowing he would veto every single one if they made it to his desk. Now, they have a President that doesn’t really care what bill they pass. All he wants them to do is pass one so he can declare victory and these numb-nuts  can’t get out of their own way to get something passed.

This shows me that they are more worried about the next election cycle than they are about the country. It shows me that all their bluster about President Obama’s policies were just that… bluster. If they can’t pass legislation now that they have wanted to pass for the last 6 years then it tells me they never really wanted to pass this crap in the first place.

The Affordable Care Act was anti-American from the start. With its insurance purchase mandate (which was disappointingly upheld by the Supreme Court because they created language that didn’t exist in the law by calling the mandate a “tax”), mandatory coverage of pre-existing conditions, and the truly anti-competitive insurance exchanges this abomination should have never passed through Congress. But it did. And it did with ONLY Democrat votes. Not a single Republican voted for it.

Now, the Republicans having a majority in both the House and Senate, with a President that will SIGN ANYTHING, and they are incapable of, at the very least, fully repealing this anti-American law.

How pathetic!

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