North Korea and the United States have much in common when it comes to propaganda and conditioning the citizenry.

North Korea and the United States have much in common when it comes to propaganda and conditioning the citizenry. Almost everyone in the West thinks that North Korea is this backwards little communist nation. In watching this video of interviews with people from North Korea I find some of the tactics and policies of the North Korean government uncomfortably similar to tactics and policies administered in the United States.

Here they talk about their perceptions of Americans while they were young living in North Korea.  They are taught to hate Americans from Kindergarten and are taught to “smash American bastards”. There was a game in school during their physical education class where the fastest person to stab a mannequin dressed as a US solder and return would win.

How does that relate to education in the United States? When I was growing up the founders of the United States were revered. Take that in contrast to what’s happening today. The founders are being repainted as evil rich slave owners that only wanted to make themselves richer. Children from a very young age are being propagandized here to believe in the popular political ideology of the day. The difference here is that you have the freedom to go against what you’re taught and seek out other information. But, how much damage is already done when you’re taught in K – 12 education that the founders are evil?

In this part they talk about what North Koreans think about the possibility of war. What strikes me here is the way the North Korean government keeps the population scared that war could break out any minute by conducting drills. They manufacture fake crises in order to condition people that this is normal and inevitable. They keep the population in a heightened state of fear.

This directly translates to the United States and what our kids go through with “active shooter” drills that are conducted in schools. Forget the facts and statistics that show it’s so highly unlikely that any of this will ever happen in any school. The language and actions of “shelter in place” or the acronym ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) seem to me to be typical of conditioning and training kids to think they will be attacked at any moment.

Think also of anti-terrorist drills that are conducted in cities across the country. The TSA with the authority to prevent you from carrying breast milk in a bottle for you to feed your baby. The militarization of the police with their military weapons and gear. This conditions the population to be in constant fear of an attack and it conditions the police that the people are the enemy.

This is why we need to look at everything with a critical eye. Condition yourself to be a skeptic. Never just believe what you’re told. Always require the proof.

The full video is below.