My take on 100 days of President Trump

Here’s my opinion of President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

  • Don’t listen to what President Trump says instead watch what he does (true for all people everywhere)
  • President Trump has an entrepreneur’s approach to politics. That’s why he’s widely misunderstood and underestimated. You can’t tell an entrepreneur that they can’t do something because they always believe that they can.
  • President Trump’s and his business person’s mentality makes him want to get things done. They don’t care if they get everything they want they just want to get something accomplished. They don’t care about perfect they just want stuff to happen that moves things forward.
  • I scrutinize media coverage more than I ever did before. Media hatred for President Trump is so pervasive that it’s difficult to sort the facts of a story from the bias. The biggest case in point was the coverage of President Trump’s claim of being “wire tapped” by President Obama. EVERY SINGLE STORY regarding this had the phrase, “President Trump’s unsubstantiated claims”. I can’t remember a single time in recent history where this has happened in this manner. And the stories afterward of people in Trump’s campaign actually being caught up in surveillance (aka wire tapping) received coverage in the news as if Trump’s claim was now not substantiated. When President Obama made a claim it was reported as simply, “President Obama says…” When President Bush made a claim he always received the slightly negatively slanted, “President Bush claims…” But President Trump? He routinely gets the “unsubstantiated” label no matter what he says or what happens subsequently.
  • The practice of issuing executive orders should be banned or little used. It’s clear that our system was not designed for this type of legislating from the Oval Office. President Obama couldn’t, or wouldn’t, reach out to republicans so he decided to try to write laws himself. It doesn’t work this way and much of what he did, right or wrong, can now be wiped out with the stroke of a different pen.
  • The republican party are a bunch of dolts. They have an awesome opportunity to pass some legislation and are falling all over themselves to fight each other.
  • The democratic party are a bunch of dolts. They are so caught up in Trump hatred and polarizing politics that they can’t see that Trump is really a democrat and because of his willingness to “get things done” he will more than welcome support from the democrats. My guess is that if they wanted to move to single payer healthcare that now is the time. Trump will do it just to get it done.
  • President Trump may be the most malleable President we’ve ever had. It’s not that he’s wishy washy but that he is willing to listen to anyone and will do whatever  sounds good and reasonable in the moment. It’s not to say he doesn’t have core principles but to say that his core principle is to do something. Anything.

If the news media and the illustrious members of both political parties can get their collective heads out of their collective asses I think they’d be surprised what they could get done with a President Trump in office. I hope it doesn’t happen because I prefer a grid locked Washington D.C. When Washington doesn’t do anything that means the rest of us can live in peace. Happy 100 days people.

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