If Amazon completes their purchase of Whole Foods even I may shop there.

If Amazon completes their purchase of Whole Foods even I may shop there. I don’t particularly like Whole Foods. I’ve always found their prices and pretension a bit too high for my tastes. But then today it was announced that Amazon made an offer to acquire the Austin based grocery chain and suddenly shopping there is much more attractive.

The reason is Amazon has amazing customer service. Sometimes things go wrong and when they do Amazon has, so far to date, never let me down. The most recent example happened just today. This started yesterday when I went to install some Internet access points at one of my offices that I ordered from Amazon. As soon as I opened the box I was suspicious that the devices were not new. They were shrink wrapped as if there were new but the devices inside the box were just a bit off.

When I installed them I discovered relatively quickly that they were indeed used before as the devices did not behave like a brand new product out of the box. It’s not that they didn’t work or were damaged it’s that someone had already set them up on their network and returned them for some reason. Whether or not Amazon knew about this is unknown.

But, here’s where Amazon makes it right. I chatted with customer support this morning and simply requested a discount because the items were used and explained to them how I knew they were used. The customer service rep couldn’t offer me a discount but instead offered to ship me replacement units with the request that I return the used ones within 30 days. It’s a win all the way around. Other retailers may not have offered this type of replacement so easily or may not let me keep the devices currently in use until the replacement arrives.

I’ve been an Amazon customer almost since their inception and if their prices remain competitive and their customer service remains excellent I’ll continue to be a customer for as long as I have money to spend.

That long story brings me around to Whole Foods. If Amazon close on this purchase the good will they’ve built with me over the last couple of decades only makes me want to patronize more of their businesses. Good luck to Amazon and maybe you’ll see me in the organic whatever aisle. I suppose everything there is organic something or other.

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