Have the Democrats finally figured out that they can make a deal with President Trump?

Have the Democrats finally figured out that they can make a deal with President Trump?

President Donald Trump signaled he was open to making more deals with Democrats in Congress despite anger from fellow Republicans over a bipartisan agreement that passed the Senate Thursday yoking hurricane aid to an extension of the government’s ability to borrow.

For months, Mr. Trump has publicly mused about negotiating with Democrats, only to stop short. But Wednesday’s agreement on $15.25 billion in relief for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, combined with a three-month extension of the government’s funding and its borrowing limit, was followed by further outreach to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.)

As he had Wednesday, on Thursday he singled out “Chuck and Nancy” by name when speaking to reporters, without mentioning their Republican counterparts.

I pointed this out way back in April when I blogged about Trump’s first 100 days. The Democrats in Washington don’t realize that they probably have a big ally in President Trump. If they are smart they will work with Trump, share the credit, and probably win big at the ballot box in 2018. I think this is why you’ve seen Senators Schumer and Feinstein and Congresswoman Pelosi moderate their tone regarding President Trump.

Meanwhile the Republican Party is in total disarray. Having been giant complainers for 8 years of President Obama and having legislative power for 6 they are showing today that all they wanted to do was complain. They should have had legislation ready to go to hit Trump’s desk. Now Trump is dealing with Democrats catching Republicans totally off guard. Does this put pressure on them to pass a bill regarding DACA?

From the Wall Street Journal