Google Pixel Auto-focus Issue Solved

The offending laser sensors

I’ve been having auto-focus issues with my Google Pixel for the past couple of months. The solution will cost you about a 4mm x 4mm piece of electric tape. There are three dots to the right of the camera lens on the back of the phone. Take that tiny piece of tape and cover the two left most dots (These are the laser sensors). PROBLEM SOLVED.

I bought this phone back in June because I was having all kinds of issues with sluggishness with my Nexus 5X. These Android phones don’t handle updates well over time and just get bogged down and performance suffers.

I was mildly happy with the Pixel (Only mildly because I really didn’t wan to buy a new phone yet) until about 2 months ago I noticed that when taking video the camera kept losing focus. What ever the subject of my video would be and no matter the type of light the camera would start hunting around trying to figure out what it’s supposed to focus on.

I searched forums and sent feedback to Google but no software update ever fixed the problem. Today I even went so far as to contact support hoping that there was a solution they new about. The support person did everything they could but there was no fix. Totally frustrated I decided to search more across the Internet and low and behold I finally found an entry in a forum where a guy said he accidentally discovered that if he covered those two little holes that his auto-focus issues disappeared. I tried it and sure enough the fix was instant.

My theory is that the tiny micro scratches in the glass backing is messing with the laser’s ability to accurately read what’s in front of it.  So now, while the auto-focus isn’t as quick as it ought to be at least it works and won’t lose focus on my subject. This is not how a $700 phone should perform after only a few months of use.

Now I can get back to making non-sense dog videos for Instagram.