Cook County Pop Tax is 1,422% Higher than the Beer Tax.

Let them have beer! I just learned today that the Cook County Pop Tax (Soda Tax outside the Midwest) is 1,422% higher than the tax that’s charged for beer. I guess drinking pop is the bigger sin.

Cook County Illinois charges $0.09/gallon tax on beer while charging $0.01/ounce for pop. One gallon is 128 ounces. So we’re paying an extra $1.28 per gallon of pop while only paying an extra $0.09 per gallon for beer. I wish I liked beer.

In fact, liquor taxes are also much less providing it’s under 20 percent alcohol. Under 14 percent alcohol the Pop Tax is 533.33% higher and if the alcohol is between 14 percent and 20 percent the Pop Tax is 284.44% higher. Only when we get to more than 20 percent alcohol is the alcohol tax higher by 195% over the Pop Tax

Section 74-352(a)(4) shows the relevant beer tax.